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Walking Safaris

Guided Bush Walking Safaris

African Guided Walking Safaris are a therapeutic, yet adventurous way of experiencing flora and fauna while on foot in the African Wild. Walking safaris are common in Kenya and Tanzania, offering one of the best experiences while on your safari holiday. It’s easy to bypass a lot of small detailed sightings while on game drives in a Jeep, but the sense of walking while being guided and interacting with nature directly completes the experience. 

A walking safari involves Maasai Guides who wear Maasai clothes to bring in the actual feeling of being in an authentic space of the African wild. It might include a ranger or a senior guide to protect you in case of any eventualities. Walk with the Maasai and their mules and learn about their culture, as well as see gentle wildlife and waterfalls. This is a really beautiful region and the birdlife is phenomenal too. It is such a relaxed way of exploring nature.

While on walking safaris, there are high chances of encountering large game animals like lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo as well as hyena, hippo, giraffe, zebra, and a whole lot of other wildlife. The possibility of experiencing the world on their terms is quite an exciting feeling.

Best Destinations to do walking Safaris

Masai Mara

Guided by the maasai warriors

From the plains of the Masai Mara to the viewpoints of the savannah, you can enjoy an array of sightings while on game walks. Masai Mara is home to the indigenous Maasai people, wildlife, and vegetation. Masai Mara offers an amazing experience, and with game walks being one of them, you get to engage in real-life differences of the flora and fauna.

While on walking safaris in Masai Mara, you might encounter some wildlife species such as warthogs, giraffes, zebras, impalas, and much more. Guided by Maasai warriors who will take you through their cultural experiences including how they use plants as their medicinal methods. 

Learn more about animal markings, behaviors, and differences, as you will see them from a different perspective. 

Laikipia & Samburu

encounter enchanting views

Laikipia covers a large area of northern Kenya, bordering Samburu National Reserve, and is home to the special five. Laikipia incorporated several wildlife conservancies such as Lewa, Loisaba, and Olpejeta among other conservancies. Get a real wildlife and vegetation understanding that’s more different from what will be seen in Masai Mara.

Laikipia offers a wide array of walking safari experiences, incorporated with camel rides and camping under the stars. This offers guests amazing safari holiday experiences spending the whole day walking and resting under the stars. A better way to interact with nature and the heavens.

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Serengeti N. Park

explore the endless plains

Serengeti National Park means endless plains, offering spanning magical views of the plains. Walking safaris in Tanzania will give you a better feel of the savannah, as you will have total exclusive experiences as you walk through the shades of the acacia trees, through the grass, and wildlife encounters. 

Learn the beauty of Serengeti National Park, the different wildlife species, vegetation species, and much more. Interact with the small animal species that is hard to spot while in vehicles, animal footprints, and much more.

Walking Safaris FAqs

It is very safe to do a game walk in any of our wildlife-protected areas destinations. Walking safaris involves a ranger, Maasai warrior, and a guide, hence becomes safe if you keep track of where you need to walk through. Rangers carry guns to scare wildlife in case of any attacks, and the Maasai warriors help in keeping you safe away from wildlife and your guide will be guiding you through the different sightings.

Its recommended to do a game walk either in the morning or evening when the sun is not hot. Its however, best done in the evening so as you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets in the horizons.

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5 Days Kenya Safari 2022

Traverse the plains of Masai Mara for 4 Nights and later explore Lake Nakuru. Witness big cats and other wildlife species, enjoy sundowners and bush dinners in the wild world of Africa. Spend in the most exclusive camps in Masai Mara, enjoy close wildlife encounters and amazing nature immersion. Start planning today.

From USD 1650

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5 Days Kenya Safari 2022

Traverse the plains of Masai Mara for 4 Nights and later explore Lake Nakuru. Witness big cats and other wildlife species, enjoy sundowners and bush dinners in the wild world of Africa.

From USD 1650

per person sharing

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