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5 Best Activities to do While on African Wildlife Safari.

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5 Engaging Activities to do While on African Wildlife Safari.

Africa is home to many of the planet’s most glorious and majestic creatures. No matter where you travel on the continent, you are guaranteed to encounter once-in-a-lifetime wildlife, cultural, and historical experiences. These can range from tracking the wildebeest migration’s heart-pounding hoofing thunders to observing the antics of wild chimpanzees as you trek mountains or even the forests.

Well, there is much more to Africa than just the wildlife and the breathtaking landscapes that will make your wildlife safari memorable. In addition to a wildlife safari vacation, there are so many engaging safari activities to enjoy in Africa.

However, it can be hard to narrow down your African wildlife safari itinerary with so much to do. Are you planning a wildlife safari in Africa? Here are some engaging activities you do not want to miss on your African wildlife safari.

Game Drives – Wildlife Safaris – Wildlife Viewing

Game drives are a must-do activity in a wildlife safari in Africa. Either in an open or closed 4×4, vehicle game drives get you up and close with nature and wildlife in the savannas of Africa. The majority of game-drive vehicles can accommodate between 4 and 10 passengers. While on a game drive, you will have a guide to help you out, and occasionally, they might be assisted by a “tracker” or “spotter” who would sit in the front and aid in locating the animals.

Well, Africa might be quite hot at times. To escape the heat of the day, when animals are least active, game drives typically take place in the early mornings and late afternoons. However, longer half-day or full-day drives may be doable or necessary in some areas. Game drives allow you to cover a wide range and get closest to the big game.

Night drives are frequently feasible and enjoyable when you are looking for night-time animals that you are unlikely to spot during the day. A strong flashlight will help you locate the animals by the reflection of their eyes. Although viewing and photography opportunities may be less favorable at night, night drives occasionally produce truly exceptional and unusual sights. However, many National Parks and Game Reserves forbid them, as night drives are not always a safe option.

Activities to do While on African Wildlife Safari - Duma Safaris
Night Game Drives – Activities to do While on African Wildlife Safari

Hot Balloon Safaris – Kenya Safaris

Although game viewing is typically done from a ground level, there are many ways to take in Africa’s breathtaking environment and occasionally wildlife from an overhead vantage point. Hot air balloon safaris are another amazing activity one should engage in while in a wildlife safari.

Balloon safaris are mostly flown very early in the morning from 5 am. During this time, you will enjoy the sun rising with specular views of the animals. After an hour-long ride, while taking in the broad, gorgeous savannah grasslands, you are welcomed to a complete champagne breakfast in the middle of the wilderness.

There are several locations where hot-air balloon safaris are offered, but the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania are the most well-known. From the air, one may observe the amazing wildebeest migration on these undulating plains. Other countries of Africa, notably Namibia, have a limited selection of hot-air ballooning destinations.

Activities to do While on African Wildlife Safari
Balloon Safaris – Activities to do While on African Wildlife Safari


Guided Game Walks – Walking Safaris – African Safari Holidays

Walking Safari is very common in Africa and gives you a different perspective on the bush than a game drive. Your senses come alive when there isn’t any engine noise, and you can hear, smell, and see things that a car makes you overlook. Walking safaris allow you to learn about the tiny details of the bush, such as flora, tracks, insects, birds, and excrement, in addition to getting a little exercise. Of course, spotting large wildlife on foot makes your heart race and can be satisfying!

Africa has several walking paths, including trekking over several days and camping in the wild. During a wildlife safari, many camp lodges offer nature walks as a standalone activity. Additionally, several permanent camps specialize in walking safaris but provide decent lodging.

Guided by a professional safari guide and nature expert, you will certainly learn much, adding to your experiences. A guide is an essential component of any walking safari, both from the point of view of fun and safety. it is typical for either your guide or an armed ranger to accompany you while you are on foot. One guide can accompany a maximum of six guests.

Walking Safaris in Africa - Guided Safaris in Africa - Private Safaris - Duma Safaris
Guided Game Walks – Activities to do While on African Wildlife Safari

Bush Mobile Camping

Some of the African areas are in such remoteness that the only way to experience it is to camp. Mobile camping includes Small canvas tents, communal eating, and bucket showers. Sleeping in the center of the wilderness, to experience the intimacy and thrill of being far from home, and get up close and personal with wildlife and the natural world. These are experiences that only can be appreciated in a tented camp.

Enjoy exquisite cuisine and campfires while hearing African tales, or just a recap of your current events. Camping out in the African wild is a soul-enriching experience.

Planning A Safari Holiday?

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Maasai Community Visits – Cultural Experiences

Africa is almost as well known for its colorful people as its wildlife. Many African holidays will include some form of cultural interaction without any specific cultural activities being arranged. While the wildlife may draw you to Africa in the first place, the people of Africa can sometimes provide some of your most compelling memories.

A wide variety of cultural experiences are accessible from the major animal zones, particularly in coastal locations. There are abundant people and cultures everywhere along the East African coast, from bustling ports to tiny fishing settlements on far-flung islands. The majority of beach vacations will provide chances to experience local culture.

Additionally, Outside the dedicated wildlife sanctuaries, local communities own and occupy much of the land. Safari camps and lodges in these regions usually work very closely with local communities, and you will often be able to visit villages and learn as much about the local community as you desire. In some countries, specific camps and lodges are owned and run by the local community, offering an even more in-depth experience.

Maasai Community Visits - Activities to do While on African Wildlife Safari
Maasai Community Visits – Activities to do While on African Wildlife Safari

An African wildlife safari is one of the best bucket list experiences for any travel enthusiast. Contact us today to help you plan the best wildlife safari in Africa.


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